NJEXCEL (New Jersey EXpedited Certification for Educational Leadership) is an innovative, non-traditional, nationally recognized program leading to school leader state certification.  We are approved by the New Jersey Department of Education to offer our candidates an expert path to Supervisor, Principal, Director of School Counseling Services, Teacher-Leader, and/or School Administrator certification.  The Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) is the state-approved provider for our excellent, intensive program.  Since 2003, more than 2500 candidates have earned their eligibility for certification through NJEXCEL.  We prepare our candidates to become exemplary leaders who effectively serve our students, schools and communities in their important leadership roles.


Who is Eligible for NJEXCEL?

Eligibility for all NJEXCEL Models requires, at a minimum, a master’s degree in a field related to education and more than four years of experience as a classroom teacher and/or educational specialist. NJEXCEL offers program models that are designed to match applicants’ career goals and educational and professional experience with an expedited path to state certification for supervisor, principal, and/or school administrator.

How Does NJEXCEL Lead to State Certification?

NJEXCEL candidates, in addition to successfully meeting all program requirements, must pass the appropriate state-required test for principal (SLLA) and/or school administrator (SSA) to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CE).  The CE allows candidates to seek employment in a position requiring such certification. Once hired in one of these positions, the state issues a provisional certificate to the new administrator who then completes a residency through the Leaders to Leaders program (NJL2L) to be eligible for standard certification. Supervisor certification does not require a state test and may be granted upon completion of the requisite hours approved by the state.