NJEXCEL Candidate Testimonials

"Part of being an effective educator is constantly reflecting on one's goals and decision-making processes. NJ EXCEL has taught me to perceive situations through multiple lenses. This is a skill principals need to tap on a daily basis."

Lorna Fairess

"Before the NJ EXCEL program was available as an option, I considered taking the traditional route but quickly gave up on the idea. The idea of spending all those hours learning ""educational fluffology"" did not appeal to me, and I gave up on the idea of pursuing principal certification. Once I saw the NJ EXCEL information on the website, I became intrigued and eventually enrolled. This is a decision that I have not regretted. The program is both relevant and interesting, and I quickly started applying some of what I learned at my job."

Arunas Avizius

"I have found that the EXCEL program is conducted in much the same way as my doctoral classes were conducted. The critical difference for me is the wide range of talents, experiences, and dreams represented by the participants. The relationships we made are sustaining."

Mary Kline

"The program is solid, offering us choices for learning, a variety of learning modes and methods, individualized instruction, lots of hands on and engaging activities and many opportunities for reflection. How nice it is to learn in a way we hope all of our teachers are teaching! I also developed lasting and meaningful relationships -- and from all these experiences, I know I will be a better leader, and a better person."

Andrea Guogas

"I know that I would never have been able to pursue my certification through a University program due to the many professional and family obligations that would make it impossible to spend weeks on end outlining chapters so that I could study for a test about what I just read. It is wonderful to be exposed to a wide range of information and experiences and then be able to take the opportunity to reflect upon this information and make it meaningful for me. I was also able to bring information from class back to my job, apply it to situations, and improve my skills as an administrator."

Stacy Lynn Rieger

"I feel that the concept of the program and the way it has been implemented is so superior to and so much more relevant than a traditional master’s degree program."

John Marciante

"I am so proud to have been a part of this program. It is, by all means, THE way to pursue certification. The practical approach and job embedded experiences help us to provide our students with the best that we can offer. I truly believe that there is no better learning experience. The collegiality and sharing of knowledge was wonderful."

Pamela Mills

"NJ EXCEL has truly given my career an incredible jolt. If not for NJ EXCEL, I would not be able to achieve my career goals unless I pursued the expensive and time consuming traditional master's program."

Ronn Weisenstein

"The dialogue with colleagues about various aspects of all our jobs was always motivational and inspiring. I learned more from this program than I did during my entire Masters in Education program. The time commitment is intense, but it kept us ""leadership focused."" I now find that everything I do professionally is done in terms of something I learned in NJ EXCEL."

Gail Donnelly

"The NJ EXCEL experience has been very rewarding for me. After completing NJ EXCEL, I feel I have the knowledge and tools to lead a school. It has helped me to be a better supervisor and given me the confidence to pursue other leadership positions. Knowing that I was able to complete this rigorous and challenging program is proof of my abilities to grow and endure. The program’s support and encouragement were phenomenal."

Martha Hatch

"Participating in the NJEXCEL program is the best decision I made in long time. I was energized each week by being in the company of so many dynamic people - people who truly care about kids and who have the dedication and commitment to continually look for new ways to address the challenges we face each day. It truly opened up a whole new world for me, especially in the application of my new technology skills, which have helped me become more efficient in my current job."

Alfreda DiGeronimo

"What a fantastic experience. Even with the additional 30 credits since my masters, NJ EXCEL was BY FAR the most comprehensive and useful program I’ve experienced. The wealth of information, well rounded curriculum, hands- on experiences, and interaction with top notch colleagues and mentors was invaluable. This program is excellent!"

Dale Sansky

"The entire program has been such a positive growing experience for me. There are lessons I learned that I put to use each day. Among the most valuable was that of re-clarifying the reason that I became an educator. I now feel stronger and better equipped to handle the day-to-day issues that arise, and to move into more challenging leadership positions."

JoAnn Burns

"The NJ EXCEL experience and my Internship was a reflective experience into my own practice. Lifelong learning was stimulated in NJ EXCEL, and I plan to continue this learning process for many years. The program provided the resources and knowledge base to build my confidence and support my desired career path. The professional dedication and commitment and contagious enthusiasm of my cohort peers emphasized a sense of community, which is so important to continuing professional growth."

Marlene Lederman

"The NJ EXCEL Program was the most challenging professional development experience I have ever completed, and it was, by far, the most rewarding. Technology was my greatest challenge and my greatest success. Today, I am using a variety of technologies to enhance my job performance, and I have been instrumental in bringing many of our teachers to a deeper understanding of the technologies available to them. This, in turn, helps me achieve my ultimate goal of enriching the educational experience of our students."

Kathleen Dzwilewski

"The NJ EXCEL program was a source of information beyond my expectations. The entire program is “state-of-the-art” in educational reform."

Walter Whitaker Jr

"I have come away from the program with a better graspof a principal’s responsibility to not only the faculty, staff and administration, but the community as well."

Patricia Connor