NJEXCEL Tuition & Fees

NJEXCEL Program Schedule

NJEXCEL cohorts begin in January and June/July and typically meet one evening per week (3 hours - 5:30-8:30 PM), two Saturdays per month (5 hours - 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM), and also some weekdays during the summer (6 hours - 9:00 AM-3:30 PM). The total number of number of program hours varies according to each NJEXCEL model.

NJEXCEL Tuition & Fees

Tuition for each NJEXCEL Model includes all fees for E-mentors and Field Supervisors, individual accounts for on-line portfolio/assessment system (Chalk & Wire), technology training, and various instructional materials. Required textbooks, ASCD membership, required certification exam fees (SLLA, SSA), and certification fees to the NJDOE are not included in the tuition. Mentor fees for principals and supervisor mentors are additional are paid directly to the mentors by the candidates.  The NJEXCEL tuition plan requires an initial payment of $2500 due within 10 days of program acceptance, with the balance of tuition divided into subsequent, interest-free, monthly payments.  NJEXCEL reserves the right to increase tuition rates as required.  The following tuition rates apply effective for 2020 cohorts:

  • NJEXCEL Model 1……$8,300 (plus books, $650 I Mentor fee, ASCD membership to ASCD, SLLA fee to ETS, licensure fee to NJDOE)
  • NJEXCEL Model 2……$8,900 (plus books, $1050 I/S Mentor fees, ASCD membership to ASCD, SLLA fee to ETS, licensure fee to NJDOE)
  • NJEXCEL Model 3……$11,500 (plus books, $1400 I/S Mentor fees, ASCD membership to ASCD, SLLA fee to ETS, licensure fee to NJDOE)
  • NJEXCEL Model 4……$3,300 (plus $650 I Mentor fee, SAA fee to ETS) If candidate has taken and passed SAA exam prior to entrance, tuition is $2,950 (plus $650 I Mentor fee, SAA fee to ETS). Special rate of $2,650 offered to NJEXCEL alumni (plus $650 I Mentor fee, SAA fee to ETS, licensure fee to NJDEO).
  • NJEXCEL Model 5........$1,500 (plus $1300 Mentor fee, plus SLLA fee to ETS as applicable, licensure fee to NJDOE)  


NJEXCEL instructional seminars and special activities are offered at the FEA/NJPSA training facility in Monroe Township, NJ (Headquarters - Central Site), Parsippany-Troy Hills School District Offices, Parsippany, NJ (Northern Site), and Timber Creek Regional High School, Erial, NJ (Southern Site).  *Please note:  Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and unpredictable future, NJEXCEL instruction is offered through an online virtual learning platform until at least the end of the calendar year.  

School District Sponsorship and Commitment

NJEXCEL requires school district sponsorship and commitment to ensure cooperation and support on the part of the district to provide sufficient time and opportunities for the candidate’s successful completion of the program, which includes:

  1. reasonable accommodations to support participation in the Internship, intra-/inter-district visitations, and other required program activities;
  2. endorsement and support for job-embedded experiences and school-based projects within the candidate’s district/assigned school(s);
  3. use of facilities and technologies for meetings and on-line collaborative activities if needed; and
  4. reimbursement for program tuition/activities in accordance with district policies and bargaining agreements

NJEXCEL Admissions Process

If you are interested in applying for the NJEXCEL program, please complete the no-cost, no-obligation, NJEXCEL on-line application.  

Detailed information about the Admissions and Selection Process is available in the "Apply to NJEXCEL" section.

Applicants must also compile the following items for submission at their interview:

  1. Current Resume (submit online with application);
  2. Graduate Degree Verification (official transcript);
  3. State Certifications ("Certification View" from NJDOE TCIS system or copies of certificates);
  4. School District Statement of Support (form completed by authorizied district official citing school district sponsorship and commitment);
  5. Years of Educational Experience Verification Letter (official letter from district); and
  6. Current Job Description (for Model 1 candidates ONLY)

All applicants participate in an interview with NJEXCEL staff.  Prior to the interview, applicants compose a writing sample, complete a data analysis task, and compile their professional leadership experiences.  These tasks provide applicants an opportunity to exemplify knowledge and application of effective instructional, supervisory, and leadership practices, which will be discussed at the interview.