NJEXCEL Admissions and Selection Process

Thank you for your interest in the NJEXCEL Program!

Please carefully review the following information related to the NJEXCEL Admissions and Selection Process.

Online Application

Please submit your online application and attach your current resume.  Click here to complete and submit your application

We admit new NJEXCEL candidates in January and July.

Application deadlines:

  • For January cohorts – Applications are accepted until November 1.
  • For July cohorts – Applications are accepted until April 15.
  • Applications received after these respective due dates will be considered for the subsequent cohorts.

Application Packet

In addition to the online application, you will be contacted and provided with an application packet.  This will include directions for you to cite your leadership/instructional experiences and also to complete a writing sample and a data task analysis that you will bring to your interview. 

Also, to verify your eligibility for the NJEXCEL program, you need to gather the items listed below.  You are encouraged to begin compiling these items when you apply; please do not wait until your interview is scheduled.  You will bring these documents with you to your interview.  

  1. Graduate Degree Verification – A master’s degree or higher in a related educational field from a regionally accredited college/university is required for admission.  You may bring a copy or unofficial transcript to your interview, however an official transcript from the college/university is required for program acceptance.
  2. New Jersey Certifications– A printout of "Certification View" from NJDOE TCIS online system or copies of certificates are acceptable.
  3. School District Statement of Support – The form must be completed by an authorized district official.  [Click here to download form]
  4. Years of Educational Experience Verification Letter*
    • Model 1 Applicants – The official district letter must verify your completion of at least four years of full-time supervisor experience in a position that requires supervisor certification. [Click here to download letter template]
    • Model 2 and Model 3 Applicants – The official district letter must verify your completion of at least four years of full-time teaching/educational specialist experience. (For Model 2 candidates currently working as supervisors, please be sure the letter also includes your years of experience working under a Supervisor certificate.) [Click here to download letter template]

      *Please Note:  If you have less than 4 years of experience in your current district, you will need to acquire a Years of Educational Experience Verification Letter from your former district/s to document that you cumulatively meet this requirement. 
  5. Current Job Description – This is required ONLY for Model 1 candidates and for Model 2 candidates who are currently working as a Supervisor.  Bring a copy of the district document citing your supervisory job responsibilities.

Admissions Interviews

A personal interview with an NJEXCEL staff member/s is an important part of our Admissions and Selection process.  You will be contacted, typically in the weeks before or following the application deadlines noted above, to schedule an interview.  The interview will be approximately 45 minutes in duration.  You will present your professional experiences that demonstrate your experience and showcase your knowledge and application of effective instructional, supervisory, and leadership practices.  A writing sample and a task analysis exercise will be provided to you before your interview; you will complete those tasks and bring them with you for discussion.  Additionally, all required documents (Items #1-5) will be reviewed and collected to confirm your eligibility for the NJEXCEL program. 

Admissions Criteria

Your credentials, interview, experiences, task analysis, and writing sample will be assessed using an Applicant Selection Rubric designed to ensure consistency and fairness in the admissions process.  We strive to enroll candidates who demonstrate the drive to successfully complete NJEXCEL Program requirements and the potential to become effective school leaders.  You may view the Applicant Selection Rubric via the link.  [Click here to download the Applicant Selection Rubric]

Applicant Selection and Notification

Following interviews for your preferred cohort, NJEXCEL staff will confer regarding the selection of applicants. You will be notified in writing via email of your status no less than 30 days prior to the start date of the cohort. Your status will be in one of the following categories:

  1. Accepted,
  2. Accepted/Waiting List (will be admitted if space becomes available or automatically accepted for next scheduled cohort), or
  3. Not Accepted.

Thank you for your interest in NJEXCEL!

Questions may be directed to Ms. Wanda “Rah” Grant, Administrative Assistant, at wgrant@njpsa.org or (609) 860-1200.

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